So hey I’m doing this give away thing. I have a custom made triangle ring (real silver) which I barely wear so I’m giving this away! (I’ve got fat fingers, it’s a huge ring) I also have these triangle shaped earrings (which are just cheap earrings but I don’t wear them so.)

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Well hello! I just reached 12K on my instagram and I thought that I should celebrate that by sharing my texture pack with 52 textures - all made by me so please like/reblog (comment on my instagram if you don’t own tumblr) if you download my pack! (because i’m really flattered by the amount of people who downloaded my 10K texture pack but only 100-ish of 600 gave did that)

I know I’ve said this multiple times but I really want credit if you repost my textures/use them on instagram. give credit to my account tutorialsplus and not my tumblr. Also - DO NOT include these textures in your own texture packs, please.

Download here (mediafire


30 textures, all made by me.

Thanks for 10K on tutorialsplus on instagram and for 180 followers on here. As a thank you you get this texture pack, obviously.

I spent the entire morning doing this so the least you can do is to give credit - please reblog or like this post if you use  my textures. If you do not own tumblr, please leave a comment on tutorialsplus.

I hope you enjoy the textures <3

Download here (mediafire)

that was released when i got 11k oops please like/reblog if you download.
mediafire download

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WORDS: a pack of handwritten, quotes, and other text.
some of these are mine (they’re specified by folder which are) so i would appreciate credit if used. like or reblog if you download. mediafire download

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tutorialwhore font pack 2: handwritten
my second font pack which can be downloaded here. like or reblog if you download. mediafire download
font pack #1: all caps
my first font pack, can be downloaded as a zip file here. like or reblog if you download. mediafire download
tutorialwhore transparent pack to celebrate 5k followers
this pack is full of transparent textures of hearts, words, food, and various other things that can be used in bubblegum edits or collages. there are about 60 textures in this pack. like or reblog if you download. mediafire download